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Describe yourself in 1-2 words: Dependable and resourceful.

Describe Green Field Energy Group’s style: An innovative company challenging a traditional industry. The team at GFEG is always pushing itself to become more efficient, innovative, and take risks. The end result is the ability to offer our customers cutting-edge technology aligned with the highest quality installation, at the lowest possible price.

Describe a life-defining moment: Becoming a father.

What motivates you to work hard? The feeling I get when a project is completed. Looking back at the planning, hard work, and effort that went it to making it a success, and the feeling of pride and satisfaction that comes from that.

What did you want to be when you were small? A fighter pilot.

Where do you most want to travel, but have never been? Ireland, United Kingdom, and Scotland.

How do you recharge? Travel…anywhere.

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