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Describe yourself in 1-2 words.  Quietly funny.

How did you end up at GFEG?  My dad and I have owned a small plumbing company for many years and were approached to do some work for GFEG.  While working for GFEG as a subcontractor, the possibility of future jobs arose.  After many meetings with Kyle, we decided to just join forces and become a part of GFEG.

If I could be a professional athlete, what would I be and why?  I would be a European soccer player.  What would be greater than playing the most popular sport in the world?  And being able to see the world at the same time would be amazing.  NFL back-up quarterback or MLB bullpen catcher is a close second.  I’d love to get paid that much money to not have to do much.

What is the best thing about working at GFEG?  The people that work here.  Everyone, from the field to the office, has been incredibly easy to get along with and very helpful since the first day I started working here.

What is my favorite thing about my career? Plumbing has been in my family for three generations.  I take great pride in the fact that I’m continuing what my grandfather, great-uncle, uncles and my dad have started.

What is my favorite college athletic team?  Mizzou

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